About Us

fitphyt was launched in 2018 with one mission in mind; to inspire YOU to get moving!

Our luxurious leggings are silky soft and made with premium, non-fading fabric that you can trust. All the prints you see on our leggings are 100% original and drawn from scratch by our team. We believe a premium pair of leggings should stay up and help you to live your hero life!




Hey girl! I’m Marelé, a fit-fashion entrepreneur from Cape Town in South Africa. I'm so excited to welcome you to the fitphyt community!

I love to travel and have been on the road since 2012. Over the years, I have caught a lot of flights and my favorite, most trusty airport outfit has always been a pair of leggings and a tank top. Don't you think it's just perfect blend of cute and casual?!

I trust my leggings to get me from one destination to the next looking stylish, and feeling comfortable. So naturally, I’m pretty picky when it comes to spending money on a new pair. I'm sure you are, too!

Firstly, they must not slip down. They also have to be 100% squat-proof. And most importantly, they should make me feel like a total knock-out!

Now, the first two points are easily accessible since there are a ton of amazing brands out there. But it’s the last point where I get stuck.

I want my leggings to make me feel a certain way. That “I-am-ready-to-explore-the-world-in-these” feeling. And to be honest, there are very few leggings that have had that effect on me.

Enter fitphyt...

I moved to Hong Kong back in 2016 and I found myself a train ride away from the world’s leading fabric markets. I decided to dedicate some time to search for activewear fabrics that lift, shape and complement in all the right ways. After nearly a year of trying and testing different fits and patterns, spending days on end with our wonderful team to create meaningful pieces, I launched fitphyt

Today, women across the world get to experience the feeling of wearing leggings made well. With fitphyt, I hope to inspire you to start living your happiest, most healthy life and feeling confident to conquer the world. Follow along as I do my best ;)



With your help, we have been able to give back to wonderful organizations that have a positive impact on the world. Thank you for your continued love and support!