About Us


Let’s be honest. There’s nothing more embarrassing than doing squats at the gym and then finding out that you unknowingly flashed your pink panties to the entire floor...all because your workout leggings turned out to be completely see-through! At fitphyt, we know that your fitness goals are important, and that you rely on your workout leggings to support those goals.

Before we launched our first collection, we spoke with over 200 women like you, to hear all the frustrations that come with workout leggings. From leggings that roll down to see-through fabrics, the list of “oh-no’s” is long and at fitphyt, we avoid it by testing all of our fabrics and patterns in professional laboratories AND on real women, like you, to hear honest feedback before every launch.

It’s time for you to say goodbye to tights that let you down. It’s time for you to feel confident when you work out! All you have to do is grab a pair of fitphyt leggings, and see how it inspires you to be unstoppable in your active goals!



fitphyt activewear was founded by South African expatriate, Marelé, and is proudly head quartered in New Zealand. Our warehouses and select shipping points are located in New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, to allow fast and efficient delivery, anywhere around the globe.

Day-to-day operations include Marelé and the team travelling globally to learn from - and design with - skilled pattern makers, fabric technicians and established sportswear manufacturers who all share in the vision of fitphyt.

Together, we create fully functional, long-lasting activewear pieces that elevate your workouts; activewear that ultimately allows you to feel unstoppable and motivated to live your hero life!


At fitphyt, we believe that you deserve quality across the board. Not only do we produce garments that are long-lasting and made well; but we also believe that being ethical in what we do behind the scenes, is important.

Through careful sourcing and close-knit relationships with our manufacturing partners, you can enjoy your fitphyt activewear knowing it supports fair practices. You are welcome to head over to our blog and read about how we design, manufacture and test all fitphyt products before launching them on the market to you.

We look forward to incorporating sustainable initiatives as we continue to grow with you, our fitphyt heroes.


With your help, we have been able to give back to wonderful organizations that have a positive impact on the world. Thank you for your continued love and support!