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At fitphyt, we understand that it is our responsibility to be mindful when it comes to manufacturing clothing. We strive to continually do better in everything we do, which includes making decisions that include sustainability and ethical considerations.

From the start of our business, we have implemented the following actions to ensure we stay on the right track when it comes to ethical manufacturing:

  • Every fitphyt collection has been manufactured in a factory that our founders have personally visited (they were based out of Hong Kong for years and “practically lived” at the factories during their time in Asia to ensure they know the teams on the ground working on fitphyt garments).
  • Every supply partner is third-party audited and externally assessed for quality assurance by Intertek. This means the staff, physical locations, work environment, products and all industry-standard certificates are checked for approval by external companies to ensure it meets the appropriate, fair conditions.
  • Each fabric used is externally tested in a laboratory using AATCC standards to ensure its colour and performance last a long time. This allows for slower fashion over fast fashion.


      Fast Fashion versus Slow Fashion

      We provide our customers with a more sustainable sportswear option – high-quality pieces that last for years. Our items are purposefully designed and carefully constructed with more expensive materials to ensure our customers can get more wear for longer.

      fitphyt gear will not break or fade. By making long-lasting pieces, we slow down the consumption and waste that we so often see with cheap, poorly made sportswear.

      To achieve this, we stress-test the performance of our fabrics and workmanship in an external laboratory; TÜV SÜD, headquartered in Germany, using AATCC standards to ensure fitphyt garments will last for many years.

      After two years of Research & Development, we are proud to say that we plan to release our first recycled polyester collection in 2023, made from recycled plastic bottles, that will have identical performance to our current range of products.


      Sea Freight

      We have commenced using Sea Freight to ship most of our bulk garments to reduce our carbon emissions. We currently use Sea Freight to ship 97% of our product. We will continue to increase this percentage in the coming years with the aim to achieve 100%.



      We are so incredibly proud to have grown to a stage where 100% of fitphyt products are now shipped in R3 Pak biodegradable composting packaging. These break down completely after approximately 60 days.

      All fitphyt products are also packaged in high-quality, reusable zipper poly bags that are quite often re-used by our customers as a travel bag for items such as make-up or hair ties.

      Always learning…always growing

      We would love to hear from you! Feel free to share or suggest any initiatives and ideas that may help us to improve our sustainability journey at hello@fitphyt.com