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January 20, 2020 7 min read

It's 2020 and wellness retreats are a thing. In fact, it's the thing and we are here to tell you how a healthy getaway can transform your mind, body, and soul.

Our guest writer, Shannon, shares her picks for the best wellness retreat spots located in and around Southeast Asia. Check it out!

Reset & Recharge at the Top 5 Health & Wellness Retreats in Southeast Asia

The saying "a healthy body leads to a healthy mind" may be true, but it's also easier said than done. Life gets busy and sometimes, our health goals take a backseat to the many priorities on our daily to-do lists. Of course, there are an array of e-books, guides and trends out there to help us live our healthiest life, and while they may work for some people, they may not be as effective for those of us who need a bit more guidance.

Enter health and wellness getaway retreats, where you can take a "time-out" to focus fully on building healthy habits that last far after your holiday is over. A place of zen, where you can learn (or relearn) to nurture your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through an array of activities and workshops hosted by experts. A vacation somewhere exotic, where you can "retreat" from the things in your day to day life that may distract you from practicing healthy and mindful habits. A place to connect to yourself. 

I came across some eye-catching retreat getaways in Southeast-Asia when I was searching for a healthy getaway of my own. I thought they were too good to keep to myself ;)


Talalla Retreat in Talalla, Sri Lanka

Living a healthy, balanced life is the mission at Talalla. Their team strive to go beyond just a normal diet and exercise to help you achieve your desired lifestyle. To do this, the retreat can be very personal and customizable. Whether you need more social activities to balance out your relaxed mindset or if you need serene time alone to combat your busy work schedule, Talalla has both and everything in between. The best part is that you can balance out your lifestyle while amongst the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka.

One of the most raved about aspects of the retreat is their amazing team of personal health coaches, wellness experts, yoga and Pilates instructors, Reiki masters, and much more. You will most definitely be able to find the perfect teacher for your stay. For a more relaxed activity, one of the favorites is the energy healing power of Reiki. It is known to deeply relax and began the natural healing and balancing process. However, for those looking to keep up their high energy you can box amongst the palm trees in what is called Boxilates, a combination of Boxing and Pilates.

Photo via Talalla Retreat

Art of Life in Ubud, Bali

Get your taste buds ready for a delicious escape at Art of Life in Bali! A blend of yoga, meditation, and lessons on raw vegan cuisine is what attracts yogis from all over the world to this slice of paradise. 

One of the best offers from this retreat is how inclusive they are of beginner yogis and those just looking for a unique and healthy getaway. The main focus here is to offer personalized workshops and lessons that are designed to challenge you to become more open with your body and mind.

Photo via Art of Life Retreats

"You are what you eat," they say to children growing up. At the retreat in Bali, they believe just that, which is why they have a complete rejuvenating health experience, eating a diet consisting of all raw, natural food. This food cleanse is so transforming, they say you can even begin to feel the health benefits within the first day! Feeling stronger, healthier, and more well-balanced, you will be able to crush everything life brings you. Which is exactly why the retreat teaches you how to create your own raw and natural foods, so you can continue the benefits at home. If you are looking for an adventure to truly change your lifestyle, even after the trip, you have come to the right place.

However, the experience in Bali is not all "ying and yang". They keep is fun with chocolate making activities as well as energy dessert balls. Although for the times you want to step away from the food and reach into the stars, you can do that here as well. Astrology readings provided at the retreat keep you in touch with the universe and allow you to look into your life from a different perspective. Staying in theme with the goal of a healthy body creates a healthy mind, the Art of Life truly hits the goal straight on. The emphasis on mind and body coming from their core activities of yoga.

The fascinating part of the yoga practices at this retreat is that they go hand in hand with their food. They break the yoga down to the natural and organic parts of its practice. With a daily yoga synergy class, spinal movement workshops, and breathing techniques, you will leave Bali feeling like a whole new person. The beautiful scene is just about made for raving social media moments, and fitphyt’s leggingswould add the perfect touch. Many describe their experience here as a place where they were able to open up their body and mind and how it was an experience they will never forget.

Phuket Cleanse in Phuket, Thailand

Knocking out three birds with one amazing trip is exactly what the Phuket Cleanse entails. This program is offered as a three-in-one experience, where you will impact your mind, body, and soul. However, it also allows you to customize your journey in Phuket by allowing you to pick your own unique experience. Phuket Cleanse offers the best practices in every area of wellness. Well, if you want the most advanced and innovative techniques then this is the destination for you. Many of the programs are being updated constantly to ensure the most trendy and relaxing getaway.

Many people struggle with everyday problems and stress and look for a release. Not only is this a yoga retreat, but this is so much more. Each day exploring Phuket, Thailand and the beautiful surroundings while getting away from daily stress. It has been proven that people who do yoga are more flexible and live a more relaxing life. This opportunity to do a wide variety of yoga in such a historic area is once in a lifetime opportunity.

Photo via Phuket Cleanse

The one class that sticks out to me is Hot Flow Yoga which is taught in the far-infrared hot yoga studio. Some of the other locations include beaches, capes, open-air studios to go along with the hot yoga studio. Practicing in different temperatures and environments is key. Having leggings for these activities is important as well, fitphyt’s Bloomerang Blanc leggings are perfect for the job. Having plenty of options to choose from is crucial because depending on the person someone might be more inclined to relaxing on a beach rather than a studio. These setting calm your body down and allows you to dig deep and achieve the ultimate experience.

Meditation is a key component to living a long and stress-free life. Many times, meditation is boring, and people think it is unnecessary which is not the case. Phuket Cleanse has been accredited for intense programs that require strong self-discipline. They offer several different meditation technologies including neuro light therapy, drumming, and tuning forks just to name a few. This all-inclusive trip will allow you to gain so many new insights on yoga and memories you will never forget.

Hariharalaya in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Imagine a healthy getaway unmatched to any other. One that includes learning, creativity, relaxation, and many other healthy living benefits. The Hariharalaya team strives to accommodate your deepest relaxation by providing skilled teachers and healers throughout your visit. Many people have enjoyed a wellness getaway in Hariharalaya, in fact, in the past nine years over ten thousand guests from over one hundred countries have . People have raved about their experience that helps them disconnect from social media, and allows them to find themselves during their digital detox. With an emphasis on healing and yoga, you will learn all the best practices.

Photo via Hariharalaya Retreat Centre

One of the most rejuvenating and memorable parts of this retreat are their healing sessions which will truly have an impact on your life beyond your vacation. The three massages include Blind Shiatsu Massage, Traditional Khmer Massage, and Warm Coconut Oil Massage which provide guests world-class massages. These healing sessions provide guests with a valuable experience that they can bring back home and use to calm the body after a stressful day at work. The experienced massage therapists have worked in many well-known institutions such as five-star hotels, sports teams and even running their practices. These warm and relaxing massages allow muscle recovery and full recovery.

To experience an even more life-changing event, you can take part in a traditional water blessing with Cambodian monks. This is one of the most rewarding and once in a lifetime opportunities that the Hariharalaya retreat offers. The monks come from the local pagodas to perform the ceremony. Also, to get the most out of the blessing, the monks stick around to answer any personal questions you may have about your life or to learn more about their culture. However, if you one to express your emotions with lots of words the inspiring dharma talk would suit you well. With founder Joel Altman, you can deeply connect and learn more about yoga and conscious living.


Nomad Yoga in Hoi An, Vietnam

It's all in the name at Nomad Yoga! When visiting this retreat, you'll be taught by travelling teachers. It is a unique and rewarding dynamic.

Being a short home for many travelers and yoga instructors, Nomad Yoga offers a workshop called travelers restorative classes. Here they guide you through techniques that allow your stress and tenseness go away, creating a healthy body and mind. To dive even deeper in the mind they can even train you to be more attentive and aware. Nomad Yoga Retreat gives you many lessons and activities in hopes of restoring your mind and soul to a nurtured and relaxed state.

Photo via Nomad Yoga


Another unique aspect of Nomad Yoga is their famous juice cleanse. You can either try it out for a day or experience the cleanse during your entire stay in Vietnam. Not only is this cleanse known to help people lose weight, but its effects go far beyond that! The nutrients detoxify your body and get it back to a restored state. You'll leave feeling rejuvenated and recharged. Unlike other juice cleanses, Nomad’s is natural and keeps your body feeling strong during the cleanse, so you can still practice your toughest yoga moves. It is a truly unique opportunity waiting for you in Vietnam!

There you go, Shannon's top picks for a mindful and healthy getaway. Do you believe a wellness retreat can help reset, recharge and rejuvenate you? Write to us and let us know!