#fitphytwow - fitphyt Woman of the Week

Each week, we celebrate a special lady from our community through the #fitphytwow initiative. We launched the fitphyt Woman of the Week to show some love to all of the supermoms, fashionista's, fitness queens and boss ladies who inspire others to live their best life - their hero life!

Here are some of the amazing ladies we've featured since our initiative launched, and we hope to see you on here, too! If you know of any lady who deserves some recognition (and a little love), you can nominate her by emailing our team at hello@fitphyt.com. 


Jamie Carlson from California, USA

Why we love her... Jamie is a former English teacher, turned Momtreprenuer. This teacher-turned-training coach lost 50lbs working out from home and completely transformed her life with a positive attitude and serious dedication. Today, she's helping women reach their goals through her online training program.


 Woman sitting on skateboard wearing colorful leggings

Stephanie Mederick from the Seychelles

Why we love her...This beauty loves all things fitness, fashion and travel and we just adore her positive, uplifting IG posts. Stephanie has been a huge support to our team and we are inspired by the way she lives her life...to the FULL! 


Woman wearing black leggings standing on mountain
Marine Milan from France

Why we love her...Marine is a professional explorer who loves to stay active by hiking gorgeous tracks around the world. Can you believe this former horse trainer has traveled to over 50 countries?! Marine loves to relax with a good Marc Levy book and enjoys spending time with her family. 



Marlen Pedrido from Spain

Why we love her... This lovely lady never skips leg day, like ever! She loves family time and traveling all over the world exploring new places and 'collecting gyms'. Marlen is into everything health and wellness, and we love following her journey on social media. 


Woman sitting on a step wearing black and gold glitter leggings

Grace Gugger from Melbourne, Australia

Why we love her... This pretty lady loves active adventures! Abseiling, rock climbing and paddleboarding, you name it, she's done it! Grace is always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to stay strong. She inspires us to get moving!


Woman wearing floral leggings surrounded by buildings

Azola Silinga (from Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Why we love her... When we first met Azola, we were drawn to her kind and upbeat spirit. She's always looking for ways to stay active and healthy, and puts her health first. This professional globalista stays fit when she travels by walking, running and squatting in cities across the world. 


Woman wearing floral leggings at Hong Kong Peak

Elisha Ide from Toronto, Canada

Why we love her... Strong, happy, ambitious and drop-dead gorgeous! We can't help but smile back at Elisha. Her positive spirit and #bossbabe attitude makes us want to smash some goals! 


Woman hanhing upside down on monkey bars wearing black leggings

Zané Wallace (from Cape Town, South Africa)

Why we love her? This qualified CA is one of the most fun-loving and positive women we know. She's a growth-focused and adventurous soul, who in her spare time likes to dive with sharks and learn new languages.