fitphyt feature: Sunny Phan

I recently had the privilege to create content for our latest collection with Sunny Phan, a remarkable young woman on a mission to inspire. In her quest to change the way that women think and feel about themselves, Sunny hopes a story like hers will motivate others to take charge of their health and well-being.

Based in a buzzing Ho Chi Minh City, Sunny finds peace inside the walls of a gym. This is where she declutters all the negative, and boosts her positive thinking. She enjoys travel and exploring new spots to enjoy good food with wonderful friends. 

We sat down over a smoothie (or two!) and shared stories… 

“I love being active and happy! Life is more colourful when you have a healthy and positive mindset. I feel so grateful for each day.”

Sunny has been on a fitness journey since 2012. She shed nearly 20 kilograms and, more importantly, she gained a ton of self-respect. Her advice to women taking on new challenges, is simple. Set goals and smash them!

“Think about your wishes, dreams and goals. What will fulfil your life? Ask yourself what you need to prioritise in order to make this happen, and then write it down.

As silly as it sounds, my goal was to wear beautiful clothes. I love fashion but I could never find my size in Vietnam. I had to wear clothes from the men’s section.

One day, I decided to make a change and I signed up at the gym. I was tired of comparing myself to women who wore dresses that I was too scared to try on. I wanted to wear beautiful pieces and I wanted to love how I felt in them.”

But the gym was a daunting place and it took time for Sunny to feel comfortable in a brand new world (and mindset). 

“I was so scared to walk into the gym that first day; it felt as though everyone was watching me! I didn’t know what machines to use or where to start. For the longest time I could not see any results, and it really got me down.

It wasn’t until I took the time to research what my body truly needed, that I started to feel and see a change – progress not only in my figure, but also in my attitude towards it. As soon as I understood how my body worked, my mind felt clear and I felt more alive. Now, fitness is my biggest passion because it motivates me to be the best version of all aspects!”

Sunny believes that keeping tabs on your goals and placing a balance on your health, family, love and career is key to a healthier existence, and that it reflects on the outside.

"I used to compare myself to other women more beautiful and smaller than me, which made me feel unworthy and hopeless. I was so shy that I avoided mirrors. Now, I love the way I look because I am always working to be kinder to myself."

Admitting that confidence doesn’t always come easy, Sunny believes in pushing through the tough days. A work in progress, her story is full of ups and downs…as I am sure it is for everyone reading this post.

Her zest for life is contagious and spending time with her has inspired me to reflect on my own aspirations; to hold myself accountable for my own happiness.

Sunny loves... 

Goal Setting “Focus on your goals. Write them down and be strict with yourself. Constantly check back to see if you are on track and if not, decide what you’ll do differently in order to get back in line. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.”

Perseverance “It’s all about mindset. You have to be focused and remind yourself why you are here, if what you are doing is related to your goals. Don’t forget that and keep pushing through.”

YouTube “I follow many fitness stars, nutritionists and training programmes on the internet. I search for specific guides, healthy recipes and information that can help me to get closer to reaching my goals!” 

Food “I enjoy all kinds of food and I love to go for a meaty burger every so often. I do try to eat vegan meals at least twice a week, though. There are so many benefits to it and you can help the environment! It’s all about balance and knowing what your body wants and needs.”

Stairs “If you want to start somewhere but don’t know where or how, find some stairs! They are everywhere and they are free! Walk them, then run them. YOU WILL SWEAT! This kind of high-intensity workout easily speeds up your heart rate and gets rid of all the tired in your body!”

Acceptance “Women should love themselves just the way they are! You are beautiful, I am beautiful. We are all beautiful. Love yourself, because you deserve to.” 

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Sunny’s thoughts on her Confetti leggings? Honestly, they are amazing! The fabric is so soft and they are 100% squat proof. I jump, run and squat in them and they stay up…no adjustment needed!